Monday, May 19, 2008

Beep Beep! *Sob*

Ok so there will be no scooter for Marcie.

Want to know why? Of course you do.

I'm too short.

Seriously. I cannot touch the ground while sitting on a scooter. Vespa's will only be a dream for me. I've mentioned I'm really short (5ft) but I've probably failed to mention I have really short legs too.

So no scooter for Marcie.

Sigh...oh well. My feelings were crushed for awhile, but alas, my height once again has foiled me from FUN!!!!!!

(Mantra in my Head: "Jesus made me special. Even short legs are special. I'm special because God made me this way. My size doesn't matter to those who love me. I have a lot of character to make up for my height.....")

1 comment:

The Young Family said...

Sorry you are not able to touch the ground, that has got to be a big bummer.... they don't have "smaller ones"? or anything for vertically challenged people?
(yes I smiled after I wrote that!, ok now I smirked) seriously you would think they could do something to alter them a little...
BTW I liked the global warming bit, further down... well put!