Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ok I've written about this before, but at the time I hadn't actually "mooched" a book yet nor had I been "mooched" from. But now, I've been doing it for awhile and thought I would give you all an update on it.

So BookMooch is essentially just a book trading website. There are many of them out there and I highly recommend using one if you have a lot of books just sitting around and you want more books for no cost to you. So you list the books you have and you earn points. The more you list the more points you get and then you can turn around and spend those points on books you want. The more books that people "mooch" from you earns you even more points. I have currently about 17 points and once the 10 books I recently shipped (went thru my son's old kid books he grew out of!) I'll earn even more points to spend on Bookmooch.
The reason why I like BookMooch so much is they link up with so if I'm unsure what the book is I'm looking at or I'm trying to find a specific book I can also search Amazon at the same time to locate what I need. Very handy.
BookMooch is also Global so if you live in lets say Korea (HEY Jeneflower!! *Frantic Waving*) they might have moochers in Korea for example. So its pretty handy to say the least.

Once someone wants to "Mooch" a book of yours you send it on your own dime. So you pay for the shipping yourself and when you "mooch" a book from someone else they pay the shipping. But keep in mind that shipping Media Mail thru the USPS is cheaper then any form of shipping they offer and its reserved for books and things like CDs. I like that.

On Sunday I listed a ton of my son's old kids books and here I was thinking they would never get Mooched because its a kid book and who looks for those? Well, I was SO wrong. I didn't even have them all listed and I already had 4 people trying to Mooch some of the books!! (they send you an email letting you know someone mooched from you) And as of today I'm STILL receiving requests for my son's old kid books. SO incredibly people will Mooch anything! I had drained all my points recently too to Mooch the entire Narnia Series for Noah, but now I have a TON of points! So excited. I like to use BookMooch to get books I have checked out from the library and liked so much I want to get the book.

Give it a try! Maybe you'll at least clean out some of those books you swear no one would ever want because maybe you didn't even want them in the first place.

For more information about BookMooch and how they operate click HERE.

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