Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beep Beep!

Ok so I have to drive to work. Its just one of those things where the bus won't do (gotta drop kid off @ school, no school bus) and the train goes the other way from my work and biking it would take me about an hour because I'm not exactly an avid biker--Yet!
Obviously we conserve gas as much as humanly possible. We pretty much stick close to home at all costs because of the COST to drive right now. Currently here in WA state gas is running approx. $3.87 a gallon. Ouch.
Currently to fill my husband's tank its costing us OVER $300 a month and we just can't do it anymore. We pay for private school and its very important our son continue his education there. (nothing wrong w/ public school -- please no one freak out on me! I'm a public school grad after all!!) So we have to make some tough choices.
We either sell our truck, which we've tried before and nearly got sucked into some scam online, buy another smaller car (which involves $$ we don't have much of currently-hence this post) or we just stop driving the truck.
So stop driving the truck is the clear winner. Hubby would drive my car instead.
You are saying to yourself, "Ok so you just said you can't do public transportation to work so HOW are you getting to work??"
See that pretty picture I've attached to this post?? That amazingly cute little green Vespa?? Yes, that baby is going to be mine soon. Yes, you read that right--I'm going to be driving a scooter to work soon. (OH I get shivers thinking about it!!)
These babies can get over 60+ miles to the gallon and have a very tiny tank. I'm literally dreaming of putting only $8 worth of gas to FILL UP my tank. WOW that is a dream.
No I don't' have it currently and No that isn't the one I'm getting. We're still shopping. Getting a scooter is no simple feat might I add! Luckily I live near a major city where driving one of these is common and there are many scooter dealers around us. However, these obviously cost a lot of money too. A Vespa is my goal because its made so well and the resell value is great (think like Mercedes of Scooters) but the cost is MUCH higher then a normal everyday scooter (like a Honda one).
Of course now I have to learn how to ride one, take a motorcycle course from a motorcycle school before I can get my license (yes I know I can get my permit first, but I wanted the discount on the insurance; working on the permit currently) and so on and so on. I didn't think it would be easy, but I didn't realize it was all so complicated.
I'm sure I'll have some AWESOME stories of me going to motorcycle school with my little scooter surrounded by a bunch of Harley's. I'm going to look like a giant weeny on a scooter.
That's me! Always one to stand out.
More about this later. I'll let you know what happens! And yes, I'll be using this to get to work and yes, Noah will be chillin on the back clinging on for dear life in the 2 mile drive to his school or day camp. He's glad we live close! LOL!

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Brianna said...

Go Marcie! I think that is a great idea! Make sure you have some good weatherproof/warm outerwear for our famous NW weather. I bet it will be great in spring and summer!