Friday, May 16, 2008

Global Warming

Ok I you've probably noticed by now I never write about this and I want to tell you why. I personally choose not to write about Global Warming because I'm not educated nor do I know enough facts about Global Warming. I feel I would do my blog and myself a disservice by writing about something I don't have good solid facts on. Technically I write about ways to help global warming all the time, but I will admit I write little about what global warming is and why its bad.
I just wanted to clear the air about global warming and my blog. I feel like someone like myself who is striving to live green needs to be honest about these issues.
here is my take on Global Warming and again this is all my opinion and based on nothing but what little I've read about it.

I totally believe Global Warming is real.
I think you are silly to think its a farce that environmentalist have made up for their own personal or capitol gains. I also think we can't walk around telling ourselves that its not your issue and we don't need to do anything about it--Your kidding yourself if you are. You can find many many many articles about global warming and how bad it is or how bad it isn't. The possibilities are endless. I like to consider myself operating somewhere in the middle of all that information.

For myself and my family, we strive to leave the least footprint that we possibly can, but like I said in my last post its not always what I want. I have to drive which in turn puts CO2 into the atmosphere. BUT I do what I can to bike more or walk. I don't drive as much as I used too. Now I'm a homebody or I lump all my errands together. No more last minutes trips like I used to do.

If you think Global Warming is a joke then I hope you are right. I hope that we're all wrong, really I do. But reality has it that we can't just "hope" that its fake.
What will we do when we have little clean air anymore and the oceans are pushing up onto our shores?
If the polar bears to become extinct then what?
Will we look back and go, "Oh I guess they were right?"
I don't think any of us would.
so do what you can now. On either a personal level or go to an extreme level and start lobbying for change. Whatever you can do does make a difference. Don't doubt your personal involvement no matter how small.

For more information about Global Warming click HERE, HERE and HERE. The picture above is just some of the ways you can reduce your impact on global warming. Click on the picture to see a full sized view. Picture courtesy of Learning

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Anonymous said...

The polar bears survived the Holocene Max, the Roman Warming and the Medieval Warming period. And even if they did go extinct, big deal, there bears.

I would kill each and every bear in the world to save the life of a single human.