Friday, May 30, 2008

I Biffed it Today!

Sooo I had my first bike accident today. I say first knowing there will probably be more incidents like this...sigh...

Anyway so hubby and I were going to head down to go eat some lunch by way of our bikes.
Yeah, I didn't even make it out of the neighborhood.

You see, even when you are riding a bike you can be distracted. I was. I paid for my distraction by slamming right into a yard waste can. ( think like 50 gallon trash can)
Sadly, the yard waste can won and I totally fell off my bike and skidded to a stop--thanks to my hands which stopped me.
OUCH!!! Thank you Jesus that hubby was there to help me make it home bleeding and bruised. He pushed my bike home while I limped home. My knees also helped me stop.

Nothing broken, but I'm pretty sure I sprained my hand. I didn't even know you could do that and I've never broken or sprained anything so this is new to me. My hand is pretty swollen. Obviously from being all cut up from the pavement when I biffed it. I'm on bandaid round #3 now.
My ego was bruised mostly and it scared the crap out of me because I thought I was going to hit my head. I was wearing a helmet, but you just never know. My pinky is very sore as well. Thankfully though, its my left hand that is the sprained one. I'm a righty so this won't effect that much. Although I do have a pretty good chunk missing from the palm of my right hand too.

OHHH the pain we put our bodies thru all for a little exercise and to save gas!!

You want to know what was distracting me? My pant leg kept trying to get all wrapped up in my chain and I was trying to tuck it into my socks. I have since bought a pair of bike pants w/ very skinny ankles so nothing will get caught in my chain now. I've learned my lesson.

Can't write anymore....hand is hurting...darn. But I'm O--K!!!


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

I know that I don't comment much, but I read everyone. Especially since they come directly to my inbox. :)

Anyway, sorry you biffed it, sounds like something I would do. Grace just recently learned that I broke my arm twice while rollerskating and she keeps telling people! OH well. I hope you heal quickly!

The Young Family said...

I am so sorry to hear of your fall! that so sucks. Ouch! In all fairness it sounds like a great crash, you know one you can be proud of!!

I have learned from doing triathlons not to ride with any kind of wide legged pants, or work out pants too!


May you heal quickly
The bike may have won this round, but I bet you will win the next!

Rachel Ann said...

OR you might want to consider getting OFF your bike before fixing the pants next time!!!

Are you feeling better?

So you ride your has an article about some kids in Kentucky who decided to ride their horses to school since the oats to feed them were cheaper than gas. Principal agreed hoping to teach others a lesson about creativity or something!