Friday, May 16, 2008

Shopping Spree!

Ok I realize a lot of you are like me and the idea of shopping at someplace full of used things just makes you shudder. I was the SAME way until I really started accepting that most of my clothes were made in sweatshops and in countries where people were being treated like slaves instead of humans.
So I'm trying really hard to buy used these days because honestly I just can't afford to have organic everything clothing. (to be really honest I think some organic clothing can be so ugly and they want like $75 for t-shirt). The used rule does not apply to underwear (eewww), socks, bras, or anything else that might be too personal. I think you get my drift.
Last Friday I got on my bike and rode down to my local Goodwill. Its a pretty good bike ride, but exercise is good too. My mission--Shorts. Since we're going to Vegas this summer I needed shorts because I've banished my capri's because Tim Gunn says they are fashion death. So I won't wear them now out of fear Tim Gunn will catch me in them walking down the street. Not likely to happen and i'm not a big fashion person, but I DO want to look taller. I'm only 5 ft tall and I'm built like a man--short, stubby and muscular. I took after my dad's side...sigh.
Anyway so shorts was my goal and I found 5 pairs of shorts, a summer dress and a pair of track pants ( I know fashion death w/ that one too, but for working out I swear). And grand total was (cash register noise) only $23 after tax. If you are caught up on what brands I got, well I bought a pair of Gap & Old Navy shorts, Wet Seal, American Eagle and Hilo Hatties. (which is the dress. hilo hatties is in Hawaii so yes its a hawaiian print dress that I'm going to wear to a hawaiian party in 2 weeks). there is one pair of shorts I have no idea what the brand is, but they fit. Thats all that matters. This of course means I'm going to have to shave my legs, but oh well. Maybe I won't be so white this summer.
I probably spent the better part of an hour there trying things on and looking thru the racks. It does take a lot of devotion to find good things. Then I inspect the clothes like crazy looking for holes or stains. I have found that the Goodwill is better then most trift stores (ie. Value Village) because they are more picky about the clothes. I have yet to see some nasty stained shirt for sale there.
I also find that there are A LOT of professional looking buisness women shopping at my Goodwill. I think in our minds we picture a different person shopping at the Goodwill. But I've always been pleasantly surprised. Sure, not everything is great there, but it IS a used store and to be expected. For example, I can NEVER find anything for Noah's size. Occasionally I can find a sweatshirt or a jacket, but pants--never happens. Which isn't shocking considering Noah tears out his pants at least once a month.
There is a consignment shop downtown here in Puyallup that I sell my clothes at, but I dont' really shop there. The prices are a little high, but consignment shops are VERY picky about their clothes so obviously they are going to charge more then someplace like the Goodwill.
So consider shopping at your local Goodwill. It does provide jobs and honestly that is so helpful for people who just can't get a break. I feel good not only about buying used but also about supporting a company that helps people.


Anonymous said...

How I wish I could go on a shopping spree too..But there is no money yet now..

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcie,

On the positive side, a great many of my clothes are from Goodwill (and always have been, pretty much). On the negative side, I can still be an overconsumptive clothes horse even just with Goodwill! On the side of God's will instead of my own, I sense I need to become less attached to clothes altogether! :)
Alison in Portland, OR

Rachel Ann said...

Freaking HILARIOUS!!

Seriously? Taking advice from Tim Gunn? Do you really think he is going to hunt you down for wearing Capri's? I love Capri's and have mine packed to wear in NC! Although I do understand the height issues and such...still...hilarious!

OMG...I'm also sitting in the airport in St. Louis and laughed out loud when I read that you were going to have to shave your legs! **Giggle, Giggle**

I love your sense of humor...maybe because it is kind of warped like mine! I'm glad we are friends...even though we don't see each other enough!

Anonymous said...

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Jennefer said...

I totally agree. I love thrift store shopping, but the thing I realized is that I don't need that many clothes. I have way too many. My kids too. I realized I was buying new clothes every time I saw something I liked which is ridiculous. New clothes did not make my life any better, except in the rare occasion I actually needed something new.

My son has been wearing his plastic bags blow shirt to school BTW and has gotten a lot of interesting comments from his school mates. "What does THAT mean??????" Too funny.