Sunday, June 29, 2008

100 Things Challange

So I was browsing thru Treehugger doing my usual daily reading on their and came across an article about the 100 Things Challange.
Its a challange from a Guy named Dave (and thats the name of his blog too!) whose goal is by November 12, 2008 he will only have 100 personal things. Then he will live with only 100 personal things for one full year, until November 12, 2009.

Sound crazy? Could you do it?

If you click thru to his blog you'll see the most up to date list of the current things he is living with. This is his personal goal and bends and makes his own rules (his words, not mine) throughout this challange but currently he is only living with about 111 items. He separates his stuff into different categories like personal items (bathroom stuff), clothes and basic items. He isn't including (it appears anyway) things in his kitchen I've noticed. Maybe thats his wife's domain and he doesn't want to get rid of her stuff.

Considering other people who have lived with less then 100 items like Hugh Sawyer who lived in a woods for a year, living in a home with 100 things doesn't sound so bad!! Besides how much STUFF does one person need anymore anyway??

Sometimes I look around at my things and wonder what the heck do I need that for and why did I buy it again? I'm one of those people though who has little sentimental value attached to anything. About the only things I have sentiment for is most of my Mickey stuff I've collected over the years....sigh....Yeah I got at least 75 of just THAT stuff.

Do I think I could live with only 100 things? Yes, actually I do think I could do it. Now if only I could determine what 100 things I absolutely need!! I will say I'm paring down a lot of my stuff and hoping to have a yard sale next weekend to be rid of a lot of it. At least make a buck or 2 off of my goods. Besides, there is something truly liberating when I walk into a room and its not all cluttered with THINGS and collectables and just things that collect dust mostly.

I'll keep you posted on how well my paring down of my stuff goes. 100 things might be a long shot right now, but I think its entirely possible.

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Rachel Ann said...

I looked at Dave's blog about the 100 things...good for him!

That is a hard challenge. Obviously for someone like me who is a Greenie via your coattails, it would be difficult. I can see for someone like you who has been pursuing this lifestyle and incorporating these ideas already how it could work. And wow!! If you did? Amazing.

What a concept! My hardest thing would be books and scrapbook stuff...I have tons!!! I do sell lots of my books to the bookstore for credit, buy more books and re-sell again...

Great looking garden you've got going there!! The lettuce looks yummy!