Saturday, June 28, 2008

Planet Green

So you've probably heard about the new "green" channel on TV now called Planet Green from Discovery channel. Its the first ever 24 hr channel to devote its shows to all green info, ideas, tips and so on.

I was skeptical at first picturing A LOT of repeats of the SAME info over and over. I mean lets face it--green is the new "in" thing to being doing and I wasn't sure they would show stuff that would go beyond just buying a Hybrid and using LED lights.

Not so and I was So wrong. I actually REALLY like this channel. And their website is pretty awesome too. So far I really like the shows Wa$ted and Greensburg. Greensburg is about at town in Kansas that was hit by a tornado and 95% of the town was distroyed. 95%!!! That is CRAZY! It was hit by the largest tonardo in history and just leveled. Now they are building the town from the ground up totally green. So its basically a real-life story show. Its pretty dang inspiring if you ask me.

Maybe you should check this out yourself. That is if you are watching TV, have TV, have the channel, etc. If you already have it (and most people do they just dont' realize its one of their channels) let me know what you think. To find out of Planet Green is available from your cable provider click here for more information.

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