Thursday, June 19, 2008

This might sound gross....

I'm going to tell you all the things I do to be green that might seem gross to some people.
But bear with me. Its not ALL about being green. Some stuff is so easy and its really not gross. I just know that if I put the terms gross & green my blog might come up in some random google search.

Here it goes.

5. I don't always wash my dishes. Well you figured this out from previous posts, but yeah if the dish was barely used & nothing like raw chicken or something greasy like butter touched it I just rinse it and put it back. Its not like I have to run it thru my dishwasher when something like flour was in it. Its not dirty!!

4. I don't wash all my clothes. I will wear them again before washing them. Yep, I don't wash every stitch of my clothing after I've worn it. However I do have expections (I'm not totally gross people!!) when it comes to shirts, under-stuff, socks and anything I wore on a hot day.

3. I don't always flush. Yep, this is a family thing too people. I was NOT hard to convience my boys to stop flushing because they didn't really flush anyway. We do live by the motto, "If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down."

2. I wear reusable (MEN LOOK AWAY NOW!!) pads. I wear LunaPads and I like them. Did I like them @ first? No. In fact I hated them, but I grew to like them. I'm now seriously considering buying the DivaCup soon...More on this stuff later.

1. I use hankerchiefs instead of Kleenex. Yeah it sounds gross, but I remember my dad and grandpa always using them all the time. I like them now. Its handy to have when I need one and I can give it to my son in a pinch. Its not as unsanitary as you think and it saves a lot of extra waste. When I was sick these past couple weeks they were a blessing, especially if I woke up and needed one. Just kept it under my pillow!

So thats it. See that wasn't so bad. I'm sure you all do much more gross things like pee on your gardens to make them grow...wait some of you really ARE doing that!! don't believe me? Click here.


Brianna said...

Ok, the diva cup thing totally caught my eye so I asked my good friend google about it...I'm thinking one might be in my future! I didn't read one negative review on them.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Don't make me drive down there and pee on your Romaine!

jeneflower said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It helps to have some encouragement!

I wrote about some of the same things you have here. I actually just ordered the Diva cup, so I will tell you what I think about it.

The Young Family said...

I remember telling someone in highschool that the reason my mom's tomatoes were so big and healthy was that they are planted directly over the septic tank... gross was the response... little did I know she was way ahead of her time!

Not sure I could stomache saving the stuff and pouring it on... but rock on to those that will!