Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have I gone mad? Or just more accepting?

I'd like to think I'm more accepting, but in many ways I think I've just gone plain mad abotu some of the things that I view now as no big deal. I think I'm becoming more accepting of certain things because i'm creeping up on my Green anniversary. I'm thinking of having a party to celebrate my big One year anniversary!

My mindset has gone beyond changing--its changed in so many ways. I look back now and go, why did I think was so bad/hard/challanging or whatever before??

If someone had told me a year I ago I would be seriously considering things like the DivaCup, the Family Cloth, raising chickens, dumpster diving or Peeing on my garden (lot of bodily functions I'm noticing here!) I would have told them they were nuts. When did I cross over to such a mindset and way of life??
I don't know, but I've always been one to go against the norm and try new things.

Personally, I never saw myself as balsy enough to even go INTO a health food store and buying organic stuff. I just wasn't "one of them" in my mind.

I'm not a left-winged crazy liberal-dreadlock wearing-nose-ring sporting-birkenstock buying-dumpster diving-reggae listening-patcholoui smelling type of girl. BUT I soon came to realize that reality is more people live this life and don't do any of those things. Well, except maybe sport a nose ring and wear Birks. I DO live near Seattle People! Gotta keep it real.

So I might be one of the few Conservative Green people who grace God's beautiful green earth, but heck, I'm proud of who I'm and what I'm living like.

I'm not perfect by any means. I'm still trying to break my Wal*Mart habit (I just lost readers by saying that) and learning to be more self-sufficent, but I'm getting so much better. Sometimes I blow myself away with what I'm capable of and what I'm willing to consider like raising chickens or dumpster diving.

I'd like to thank someone though for making all of this possible---my blog. Thank you blog for teaching me to learn about the world around me and truly OPENING my eyes to educating myself so I would have something intelligent to write about.
But mostly I want to thank my wonderful loving Lord and Savior Jesus. Thank you Lord for reminding me that your people are truly precious and you created all of this for MY enjoyment.
Thank you for opening my eyes to the injustice of how some people are treated or how people live in other countried. Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone and making me really take a look into how things are created.


Brianna said...

Happy Anniversary Marcie!! I am learning a lot from your blog, even though I'm very far from being super green!

Jennefer said...

We are on the same page.

Congrats on a green anniversary!

Sadly blogger is messing with my green blog. I hope it gets fixed soon.