Friday, July 4, 2008

More Green Steps & Changes

Sooo I haven't really written a whole lot to inspire anyone lately, so I thought I would write more about the green steps and changes that I've done lately.

Gas- Well for the gas situation (we have a large truck with is AKA: GAS HOG that my husband really does use for work--he does construction) we bought another car. Its used (obviously) and is older but gets great gas milage because its a car not a truck and a 5-speed. Its for Hubby because I can't drive a stick. Bummer. I wasn't too excited about having to raise my insurance and all those details, but the truck we own and my car we own so its not as much as if we had another new car payment! So far little car has saved us $50 in gas already this week. Normally it would cost us about $97 to fill up the truck and hubby was filling up EACH WEEK!! OUCH! This is a small price to pay for the gas pains.

Garden- Well as you can see my garden has gone wild. The warm weather really made it start growing and I couldn't be more excited!! I feel so domesticated! My tomato plant is really starting to go and I need to hurry up and get a trellis for it.

Stuff- Garage sale tomorrow. Originally this sale was for Noah to get rid of his stuff and he wanted to make some $$ for vacation, but as I started honestly looking thru my stuff I decided to get rid of stuff too. I'm just so weary of being weighted down with clutter and stuff. Honestly, my friends would say we don't have a lot of stuff but to me when I see clutter I get all worked up and it bugs me. So already my closet is looking good and I'm feeling a sense of relief that it will hopefully get sold. I'll let you know how well we do on the sale. Most of the $$ from my stuff will go to save up for vacation too but my $$ for vacation is more for gas when we drive from Vegas to San Diego. More OUCH! I was inspired by Dave to get rid of a lot of my stuff. I'd love to only have 100 things to my name..

DivaCup- So I did it. Yes, I took the plunge. I bought the DivaCup and it should be here very soon. And i bought more Lunapad liners. I'm excited to try something new in this area and I know I'm going to be happy because I love my Lunapads. Actually it was my friend Brianna who inspired me to take the plunge. Knowing someone who I could talk to about this personally was what put me over the edge. Besides, washing all my lunapads was getting hard and they are an investment. Plus, Crunchy has a coupon for the DivaCup-$5 off if you buy from the Lunapad site which I recommend you do anyway because you are going directly to the source of the person who made the product!

Bike- I will confess to not riding my bike as much as I would like but part of that is because I'm just not going out to the store as much anymore. I'm being more aware of my purchases and if I really need it. Plus, do you all remember when I fell off my bike and biffed it on that Yard waste can?? Well my hand has NOT stopped hurting since then so I finally went to the DR and low and behold I had fractured 2 bones in my left hand. Now I'm in a splint to help it just heal up with a little less strain but I would have been in a cast if I had gone in when the accident occured. Oops. So needless to say I was stupid, but thank you Jesus I didn't mess up my hand due to my stupidity.

Shopping- Well we've obviously started shopping less, but I'm being more and more aware of WHERE I'm shopping now. It is offical though--we are starting to shop less and less at Wal*Mart. I know I know, don't stop reading my blog yet!!! But I will confess to shopping there. I have in the past started to feel pretty guilty about it--especially when you see documentaries like What would Jesus Buy or read about them on the Co-Op America site. A lot of our shopping lately has been done at yard sales. Noah and I scored 2 board games for $1 the other day and they were the retro versions because that was how old they were! It was AWESOME! I love me some old Battleship. I don't need no stinkin' talking Battleship! LOL!

Free-Cycle & Craigslist- Still my favorite avenue to get rid of stuff or find stuff. It can't be beat!

More later peeps!


jeneflower said...

I really need to see What Would Jesus Buy- I keep hearing about that movie.

Good job on making improvements. I noticed that when I let people know about what I wasn't doing it helped me to focus more on doing that.

I am so upset that blogger has still not fixed my green blog. I have reported the error so many times!

The Young Family said...

ouch! 2 fractures in your hand. That is not fun at all!! I am with you that it will heal quickly and happy it didn't get hurt more!

We have our expedition, ofcourse gas is crazy with this monster! But we did the math and we really don't spend much on gas for me to make it worth buying a new car, I don't drive much! We own it out right and I figure if we do sell it, we won't get much so we would probably have a payment of atleast $200 Well I spend less than that on gas... so we are still good!

I will post pics of my tomotoes soon!!

Happy gardening!


Rachel Ann said...

I never did ask how much did you make at your yard sale, and did you get rid of everything?