Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Recent Garden Pics!

So here is my garden again! Sorry I haven't posted pictures on this often enough for you all to see the actual changes. But either way here it is. Its a little rough looking. I've come to learn I didn't do things exactly right, but I got a lot of lettuce out of it!!
Here is my raised bed. See how green it is around the edge there?? Yeah, that is where the dogs like to Pee and let's just say Crunchy Chickens challenge works when it comes to my dogs. Remember my bed is LINED! Don't run off now!! :)

Here are my yellow pepper something or others. I'm not totally sure what they are. When I bought some herbs at the Farmers Market they threw in a pepper plant for free. I thought they would die around here and was why they were giving them away for free w/ purchase. Guess not. And what with the pepper "it wasn't just the tomatoes, now its also peppers that will make you really sick"-- these guys might come in handy!!
Here's my green pepper thingys! Aren't they Cute??? Hubby is excited because he likes peppers and this plant is sprouting a ton of them. I'm excited they grew!

Here is another yellow pepper plant but this one has had 2 peppers grow on it. This being the 2nd one. It isn't growing as many as fast as the other guy, but its growing something!
Here's my tomato plant. NOTE to Self: DO NOT plant tomato plants so close together. My tomatoes currently look pretty green. I think planted them too late. If I get just one tomato I guess its a start. I don't actually even like tomatoes, but I figure I can make salsa with my tomato and my peppers right?? SPICY salsa anyway!
In the background is my CRAZY lettuce that after I cut it at the base it grew back and then it grew into a tree. Its not so low to the ground anymore, but its edible. The books I read said if you cut them at the base they could grow back about 3x possibly. I guess this is what it looks like when it grows a 2nd time. Weird, but ok.
Ahhh my strawberry plant. It is SO happy to be out of the ground and in the bed now. It suddenly sprouting strawberries like mad and growing like crazy. I'm hoping to have a HUGE bed of this one day and at this rate I might just get my wish. Today Noah was picking a strawberry and says, "OH my gosh look at all the green ones!!" And yes, we are going to have at least 2 pints of strawberries sooner or later. Hopefully sooner since we'll be on vacation soon!

Here is my raspberry plant. Somehow this has survived my hubby weedwacking it to death and cutting it to the ground. This year its as tall as our 6 ft fence. It doesn't have a lot of berries, but a few to make it worth my while. I think I need to tie it back better could take over my yard I suppose.
Ahhhh my herbs. These are in the raised pot thingys hubby built. Here is my parsley. Its gotten really big suddenly. Its very pretty looking although I haven't exactly cooked with it yet.
Ummm my cilantro. Its suddenly decided to grow super tall and grow flowers. Is it supposed to do that?? Either way we've eaten off this guy quite a few times now. Yummy! Next to him is my chives. Again, in the future: plant them farther AWAY from other herbs.
This is my dill plant that is probably at least over a foot tall now. He's scaring me. I don't' know what to do with him except keep letting him grow? And growing he is.

So there you go! My garden! We had at least 3 plants that didn't make it though....sadly we lost 2 honeydew plants (told hubby they wouldn't make it!!), quite a few basil plants died on us after we picked the leaves and our onions didn't grow at all. Next year we'll plant earlier. But for now, this has been a great season--especially the lettuce! And I feel like maybe I can do this growing the garden thing. I'd love to try corn, but I dunno...that seems a bit daunting! Besides its a lot of work to make that raised bed so the doggie pee-pee stays out!! Although it when you think about it I have a ton of chicken and horsey poo-poo in the compost mix I bought for my raised beds so I guess its all the same right??

I'm going to stop the potty talk now!

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