Thursday, July 17, 2008

Funny Green Moments

I had a couple of green moments I wanted to share with you all. Hope these make you smile.

*My son was eating an apple one night on the way to someone's house and from the backseat he says, "Now where am I going to compost this??"

*Hubby was driving down the road and some silly person dumped 3 cases of beer bottles in the middle of the road. So he stopped and put them in the back of the truck. I get home and he's like, "Now don't be mad they aren't mine." To which he shows me the large cases of beer bottles (and a few cans) stashed in our garage.
Couple of days later hubby had the garage open and the nosey neighbor kid comes by and says, "What are all THOSE for??" (side note: neighbor kid I KNOW went and told his mom who already thinks I'm a heathen. Especially after her son said we must be closest alchoholics)
We recycled those the next day.

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