Sunday, July 13, 2008

No more red for me...

So I used to eat no red meat back in the day probably about 3 years ago I wouldn't even touch the stuff--especially Pork.

But over the past few years I've (again) gotten lazy about it and I can see the difference in my body and feel the difference in my health. So I'm going back to my non-red meat eating ways and swearing the stuff off. (Oh Pepperoni, salami and Canadian bacon how I'll miss you!!!!)

Last night was my last meat eating opportunity. As I ate my Taco Bell taco I thought about the ground beef and how I really won't miss it all that much. I hardly it red meat anyway, but occasionally it sure sounds pretty snazzy.

Why the switch back aside from health reasons??

Well, I'm trying to lose weight and when I didn't eat meat I was much thinner. This isn't the only reason obviously, but I'm going to give it a try.

And once again I was traumatized by another "cows being treated so badly that I was almost sick" video. Yeah, it doesn't take much for me to just stop doing something thanks to some video. This time it was that show 30 Days on FX that made me change my mind to going sans the cow. I only saw about 2 min of the show, but it was enough.

Whenever I tell people I don't eat red meat, I get a lot of "So you're a vegetarian then??" Errr no and I would never want to give myself that much credit! But did you know there are different types of vegetarians? I didn't know either until I read some article about it. I am apparently classified as a "Pollo-Vegetarian" because I'll eat meat and chicken. Or you could call me a "Pesco-Vegetarian" when I will include just fish into my veggie diet.

So this is going to be an easy change for me really. I've been living this for some time--I just need to be more committed to my diet. Besides, consider all the stats I've mentioned in the past about meat and what goes into preparing it!

Click here, here and here for more information about beef and how it effects the environment.

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Rachel Ann said... I know that eating red meat is a healthier life style decision and doesn't have to do with becoming a vegetarian...BUT it is so hard!!! I admit, I love meat! I tried cutting back during the month of June, and did fairly well....I usually eat meat every night and managed to eat quite a bit less than normal. It was hard though!!!

I need to get on your bandwagon.