Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to know if you are really Green

Here is a list of some silly habits those of us who have "crossed over" into the green mindset....Obviously I've done or thought about doing these things. Hope they make you think!
  1. When you see a plastic bottle on the street you debate picking it up and recycling it. And then you will pick it up or it will bother you all day knowing you just walked on by.
  2. You go thru a co-workers trash and pull out the recyclable items & put them in the recycling bin. HELLO?? that is why they are THERE! (this happened today for me BTW)
  3. When you see things at the grocery store all that runs thru your mind is how much waste an item will create.
  4. You will pay more for an item because it can be recycled. I did this at Costco recently. The 24 count eggs for $3.99 vs the 18 count eggs for almost the same price, but the 18 count eggs were in a paper container and the 24 count eggs were in a Styrofoam container.
  5. You hang dry everything and crunchy jeans don't bother you anymore.
  6. You pray that your tank of gas will be like the lady in the bible whose oil lasted forever.
  7. You will leave a whole cart of groceries to get your reusable bags you left in the car.
  8. You have about 50 reusable bags in your car, house, pretty much anywhere just in case.
  9. You are constantly reading labels now to determine where it was made, what its made of and you look for labels like this, this and this.
  10. You no longer turn on lights anymore and will fumble in the dark.
  11. Shopping has just lost all its appeal, but Freecycle is your best friend!
  12. You prefer to not eat out because of the take out containers a restaurant might use.
  13. You obsess over websites like Treehugger and religiously watch Planet Green.
  14. You really enjoy giving your stuff away to someone who really needs it.
  15. And lastly, you drive slowly past dumpsters now because you just never know what will be stashed next to it!

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Rachel Ann said...

ok...the last one made me chuckle out loud!