Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bye Bye TV

Yep. You read that correctly. As of Friday we are officially saying
Good bye to our Cable (actually we have satellite).
We actually decided this about a month back, but never followed thru with cancelling the subscription. Once I lost my job it was the first thing to go. Sure we are getting phone call after phone call from the satellite company about us leaving. They can't seem to understand that some people don't want cable anymore. I think they believe we are lying and just switching to another provider!

But we are finding that Noah has turned into quite the couch potato at times and hubby is pretty much setting that example sometimes. Noah's test scores from this last year really helped me make the decision to see if we cut TV if it will make a difference in not only his academics, but also how he is socially. Noah has been VERY social his whole life, but I'd like to see how this really makes him change. I also plan on telling his teacher to see if she notices a difference with him and the other students. So in some ways this is an experiment for Noah and for us too. I'm a big reader and I'm pretty much glued to the computer anyway so its not going to bother me. Minus my Project Runway....sigh...Please Lord let someone post it on YouTube!!!

So far Noah hasn't been too bothered by this idea. He's even gone as far to tell his friends that the "box" (the cable box) was going away. I found that pretty funny really. He was showing off the lack of having a TV. The kids didn't get it though. Their little brains couldn't wrap about it.

We will keep the DVD player and (GASP!) the VCR too. Yes, we have a VCR and it works. We've also gotten some really cheap videos lately at Yard Sales. Might as well stock up right? This is also where Netflix and the library will be our video rental facilities. So I won't be totally out of the loop since I'll have my Netflix! Which, by the way, I LOVE Netflix with a passion and wonder how I ever lived without it.

Did you know you can watch TV online?? And for FREE!!!??? You can and many people think that one day the Internet will kill TV.

I'm looking forward to discovering more things online and not zoning out in front of the TV. This will be hard I'm sure. When push comes to shove and we finally box it up on Friday I might have doubts my little experiment will work. I was pretty much RAISED on TV and can't remember a time when our TV wasn't turned on growing up. We would have the TV on just for background noise even!!
So I'll keep you posted on how this goes and how crazy I start to get! Especially in the winter when going out will be hard!!! All I have to say is we WON'T be shutting off the Internet anytime soon! :)


Rachel Ann said...

so no cable....hmmmmm ok I can see that!


LOL!! baby!!!

The Young Family said...

I have to admit, we purposefully did not hook up our cable when we moved in July. We decided that it was summer and we would be outside, and we have gone to so many parks, it is really great family time.

We are debating hooking it back up with fall and winter coming. I kind of want to see how long we can hold out! We shall see. So we have been almost 2 months... really I don't miss it too much... now when the new shows come on I might sing a different tune.


jeneflower said...

Yea for you! I loved it when we got rid of our cable last year. When you just limit yourself to DVD rentals- the quality of your viewing goes way up and you never lose hours watching one show after the next.