Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

So Noah starts school next Tuesday and this year we went about the whole school supply thing a little differently.

We have found that after EVERY school year Noah comes back home with a ton of supplies that have more then enough life left in them. Of course we figure we'll use them around the house, but we don't. So I decided we were only going to buy the school supplies we ABSOLUTELY needed and just use last years stuff for everything else.
I had to buy only a few items and yes, Noah is going to school with some smaller sized colored pencils and a few used crayons but since they get all beat up in less then a day anyway I don't really see the issue. Thankfully we had a lot of stuff and it really did save us a lot of money to not have to pay for a ton of supplies. Plus, Noah is getting older so a lot of the supplies he needed the years prior he doesn't need anymore. I'm MORE then happy to not have to buy washable markers and paint! UGH!

I know there are eco-friendly options when it comes to supplies, but I couldn't see buying something when we already had things that could be used up. Sure Noah's stuff isn't in the best condition, but I really doubt the teacher is going to hassle us much about it. I plan on explaining this to his teacher don't worry. I'm going to make it very obvious that I'm into being thrifty (aka: CHEAP as they come) and that we live a life that is environmentally aware. I dont' think she's going to care much because all they really care about is that they kids have supplies in the first place. Its hard to have used things at a private school. I think there is a stigma that we somehow have money at our disposal. But reality is I think many families are making a lot of sacrifices to even send their kids to private school.

So when you send your kids back this year take a good hard look at their things and determine if they really need Another backpack or Another lunch bag. You might discover that last years is just as good if not better since its FREE.

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