Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Not-so Green Vacation

So I know what you are all thinking. Vegas? Green? HA! Well you would be right about that. I can't say I saw any attempt at this city being green. Wait. I take that back. Our first hotel in Vegas the Desert Rose had a place to recycle plastic and cans. So that helped, but I had to walk down to the first floor to do it.
All in all, it was hard at times on vacation, green wise. If I had to measure my footprint I probably left on this trip it would be pretty large to say the least. Let's not talk about how I flew down there and then drove from Vegas to San Diego in a mini-van....or how I never recycled the whole time. It was killing me.
Thankfully in San Diego the airport had places to recycle. It was refreshing.
Anyway. We are home and that is where I was this past week! More posts to follow.

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The Young Family said...

That you even thought about being green on vacation, wow. Makes me think about it too! You are making a difference by making others aware.... Hey my little part, we now have the "little" garbage can! It fits two bags of garbage that is it.... so I find myself, in order to fit everything into the can going through the garbage to see if we missed anything that could be recycled. I may get the rolling of the eyes at times from my family on my nagging about the things that are recyclable... but I am ok with that! It may be silly - but I feel like I am doing my part... yes I am sure I could improve, but small steps here.