Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Late in the Game here...

sorry I haven't written lately folks. Have been a bit distracted by having lost my job last Monday (yes the DAY after I got back from Vacation. What timing).
I lost my job not for anything bad, they just cut my department company wide. So many of us were effected and I suspect the company will feel that effect someday very soon.

So in having lost my job just because I have really started thinking about what I want in a job and in a company I would work for.
My biggest wish on my "job wish list" is for the company to either be LOCAL or at least within this country or Canada.
Obviously having a company that believes in being sustainable would be really nice, but knowing that many companies are just starting to learn what that IS, that wish is not on the top of my list.

Personally my brain is shot, but I HAVE been thinking of many different things to write about and since I'll be online a lot in the very near future job hunting (because of COURSE I don't get a paper! LOL) expect a lot of posts soon.

I promise this blog is NOT abandoned.

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