Saturday, September 13, 2008

Global Daughter

Remember how I wrote about my super cute purse that I got from my friends party?? And how they run a Fair Trade biz supporting the women in Nepal???
Their website is offically up and running and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out! I feel sort of star struck knowing that I know them because they are doing some incredible stuff!

Go check it out and remember that Christmas its only 102 days away! And if you are going to buy stuff at least buy things made by hand AND is fair trade!


Brianna said...

You know that is where I will be doing my shopping! Thanks for promoting the site. I'm so excited for Global Daughter and so proud of Erika and Erin.

global daughter said...

Thanks for the kind words and promotion Marcie! It's been a long road, but the site is finally getting there. Thanks for the support. It means so much to us!