Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No TV Update

So its been awhile now that we haven't had cable. The poor dish people haven't called since we sent it back in and I'm just praying I dont' get charged for something stupid like how beat up that remote was.

We are doing so good without our crutch known as the TV. Honestly I haven't missed it and hubby and child haven't complained. We've been more open to watching pretty much anything on DVD or VHS now. Its actually kinda nice to just sit and watch a movie. Its almost like having a date night for me and hubby. Noah has been checking out videos as much as possible from the library and filling up our Netflix subscription. And I too have been packing that Netflix subscription as well.

I thought my Computer usage would go thru the roof, but it hasn't really. I find myself holed up with a book more often then before. Since we visit the library so much I get a book nearly every time we go in. And my book reading paid off because I won a $5 giftcard for a local coffee shop from the Adult Summer Reading program. yay! I've been trying to win something from that for years!!! there is life after TV or Cable. Obviously since everything has gone digital is pretty much impossible to get any form of cablef by just plugging it in. My family members either think I"m crazy for shutting off our Cable or they just don't get it.

Scene: Me telling my TV Addicted Mother I shut off the cable.

Me: "Well, we don't have TV anymore."
Mom: "What do you mean you don't have TV?"
Me: "We have a TV, but we shut off the cable."
Mom: "How can you watch TV after they switch to digital then??"
Me: "Mom! We have NO cable. As in Zip. Nothing works. No bunny ears on my TV."
Mom: "Why did you do that?"
Me: "Well I did lose my job and Noah was turning into a couch potato."
Mom: "Oh."

So now I'm sure my mom will offer to pay for cable soon. Its how she rolls. She has the TV on constantly. If its off and she's home I wonder if its broken. She has one of those HUGE TV's that she is constantly having to repair because she uses it SO much. Sad. She likes it as background noise.

So there you go.
Ask me when it snows how we're doing without TV. And Dear LORD can someone please tell me why Bravo doesn't show Project Runway ANYWHERE?????? I'm having some serious withdrawals. They dont' show it on; they only show parts of it---I NEED the whole show. Ok I don't NEED it, but it sure feels like it when I wonder how my Boy Suede is doing.

Either way People--"Holla at your Boy!"


Rachel Ann said...

Well Suede would say that Suede is doing well! LOL!!! One of the judges call him on his habit of referring to himself in the 3rd person...

Blaine got booted along with Terry...didn't like her!!!

You can always come to ML to watch PR!!! LOL!!

jeneflower said...

I love not having cable. We get a few basic channels, but we rarely watch it. We love netflix though and I love to read. I am so in love with bookstores, but I try to stick to the library.