Saturday, September 20, 2008

MORE on Line Drying!

Ok read the post below if you need a little background on line drying and how I do my laundry, but here are some more FACTS about line drying and why its so dang cool and good for the environment.
Here are some tips about why line drying is so handy! These tips are courtesy of

*Line Drying Saves Energy: Second to the refrigerator, the electric dryer is the second biggest household user of electricity. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, as of 2005 there were 88 million dryers in the United States. Each of these consumes approximately 1,079 kilowatt hours of energy per household, emitting 2,224 pounds of carbon dioxide. Every individual who chooses to do one less dryer load makes a difference.
*What is Lint? Lint is bits of disintegrated fabric from your clothes. Clothes typically last longer without the duress of a machine dryer. (This is SO true! I love it!!)
*White and Bright: Exposure to sunlight is the best natural bleach for your clothes. Worried about fading clothes, simply hang them inside out.
*Line Drying kills germs: The sun's ultraviolet rays are an antiseptic and kill bacteria.
*Line Drying is perfect for things that can't go in the dyer- rubber backed throw rugs, car mats, extra large blankets. (Or how about your clothes with Lycra or spandex in them?? Same thing!)
*Line Drying inside on a retractable or folding clothesline is a great humidifier for your plants, skin and hair. (SO true!)
*Line Drying is good for your health. Not only is it great exercise, if you are line drying outside you get some fresh air, and the little bit of sunlight that you need everyday.

Now I know that some of you cannot line dry outside due to HOA's or restrictions in your city, but you CAN overcome some of these if you just tell them before hand or keep it from view. Hedges are good for the environment anyway! But you can always line dry inside too. Very easy.

Consider too how much carbon your dryer puts on each time we use it. "If all Americans line-dried for just half a year, it would save 3.3% of the country’s total residential output of carbon dioxide, experts say." (NYT 4/12/07). That stat is over a year old so imagine how much it is now! Its one way to offset your carbon output by line drying. Its a little easier then buying a Hybrid people!!
For more great stats on line drying check out this site and this site. Cheers!

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Megan said...

One more for your list: laundry is beautiful. It shouldn't be hidden away in a dryer.

Have you seen the movie Mama Mia? There are loads of line-drying images and it looks fabulous.

I recently went an entire winter without using the clothes dryer - it wasn't as hard as I thought!