Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun & Sometimes Silly Ways to Save the Earth!

Ok so I have probably written about a few of these before but I'm going to just put them anyway. Seems like everyone is drawn to the "list" posts so here you go.

Ways to Save the Earth -- down to the smallest detail!!

*Don't use the automatic doors in buildings (the ones you have to push the button to make it open)
*Take the Stairs instead of elevators (within reason naturally. No need to die taking 70 flights of stairs)
*Just fumble around in the dark rather then turning on the light.
*Put waterbottles in your toilet tank so it will use less water.
*Shop online.
*Buy used and improve it
*Give to those who need more then you--you'll feel better and make someones day.
*Make a list of what is in the fridge so you won't be tempted to open it and stare inside. Same goes for that freezer or beer fridge in your garage.
*Wrap creatively by using magazines, newspaper or the items bag. Some bags are cute from retailers!
*Print only the pictures you need. Digital cameras are awesome!
*Use Bookmooch.
*Pay bills online & get your statements & bills via email.
*Print on both sides of the paper!
*Make your margains bigger when you do need to write a document so you'll use more on one page!
*Bring your lunch.
*Use tupperware or glass instead of Ziploc bags in your lunch.
*Borrow that cup of sugar from your neighbor and get sugar on your way home from work tomorrow.
*Hug people. Its better then a present.
*Find recipes online rather then buying a cookbook.
*Give pictures as gifts, especially to your relatives. I don't know how many times I've heard, "We have no pictures of you...blah blah" Trust me, they'll love it. Especially those family ones.
*Download your music. CD's are so last century.
*Use your library. It has SO much to offer you.
*Just read the magazine while waiting in line. Or better yet hit up a mega bookstore and just read that book or magazine. (Right Rachel??lol)
*Volunteer. Doing something you don't get paid to do makes the world go round.
*Everytime you use something treat it like its your last one. Things will last a long time.
*Rent Videos or DVD's. You know you won't ever watch it again. And all those videos your kids want?? Why bother. They grow out of them in about a year anyway. If you have them, sell them. Might as well get something for your investment.
*Buy Fair Trade items.
*Talk. Sharing how you save the earth is better then ANY form of communication. And in the long run you impact so many people without even knowing it.
*Practice what you preach. If you say recycle then by all means do it.
*Dig thru the trash. You'll be amazed what you'll find.
*Fix what broke. If you can't do that, buy used or better yet determine if you need to replace it.
*Keep plants in your house. They remove CO2 from your home (some plants) and just make you feel happier!
*Grow your own herbs. You can do this in a windowsill and they are powerful fresh!
*Use your crockpot.
*Put a lid on all pots that you need to make boil.
*Take a minute and smell the roses. No seriously. Just stop and look around. You might notice something you've never seen before and maybe even find something to clean up or determine needs to better. Don't let yourself be blind to your own community. Enjoy it and make it a better place!


Rachel Ann said...

Busted!! I am so guilty of going to the bookstore and coming out with NOTHING!!! I read my magazines there almost every week (sometimes I break down and buy one...but why i don't know!). If I don't finish a book I'll just come back and start it up again the next time!

My question is why water bottles in the toilet? How do you do this, and how does it save water?

Marcie said...

A LONG time ago I posted about that...but its probably time for a refresher course on the whole toilet thing! lol!
here's the link: