Friday, October 3, 2008

10 Things you Should Never Buy Again

This is according to Co-Op America and I completely agree with these items. Hubby was all smug when he read the list, "We haven't bought these things in so long." Yes dear, you are correct.
Check them out and see if you can stop buying these things too!

1. Styrofoam Cups

2. Paper Towels

3. Bleached Coffee Filters

4. Teak & Mahogany

5. Chemical pesticides & herbicides

6. Conventional household cleaners

7. Toys made with PVC plastic

8. Plastic forks & spoons (or any plastic cutlery)

9. Farm raised Salmon

10. Rayon

To find out why you should never buy these things again, check out their unshopping list.

And here is MY list of the things you should never buy again, or at least use in moderation.

1. Kleenex. I'll write about my hanky usage later.

2. Anything with Phthalates & Parabens. These are things that cosmetic companies use and have been linked to things like birth defects, cancer and all that fun stuff. For more info on these things click HERE.

3. Zip-loc bags. Ok I'll admit I still use these because I have them leftover for when Noah goes on field trips and he has to throw away his lunch stuff. But I don't use them unless absolutely necessary.

4. Bottled Water. I wrote about this on another blog I write for here.

5. Newspapers. People you are using the Internet right now -- go check out your newspaper online. You can find more news there anyway and its updated more often.


Mary said...

What no newspaper??? I use the newspaper to get coupons! I only buy it on Sundays though. :) I have been saving quite a bit of money by using coupons. I use the internet to print some, but nothing quite beats the Sunday news paper for coupons.

On a brighter note, your post about your laundry re inspired me. I totally got out of the habit of hang drying my clothes and now I am back at it!!! I also decided to use the express wash button on my machine and save 10 minutes. I don't have the option to pick my wash time, just different cycles.

Marcie said...

I know I know. the newspaper IS pretty good for coupons. but honestly I hardly buy the name brand stuff anymore so it was just a waste for me. BUT thats just me!! If it works for you -- keep rocking it cause I know you'll recycle those papers! LOL!

I love me some laundry talk...when did I get so weird...????

Rachel Ann said...

Ok, ok...I bit! I went to the website you listed that shows the unshopping list! Interesting tidbits...I have to say I only buy one or two things off the list...I'm not PERFECT!!!! LOL!!

Seriously give such good tips and hints...thanks! did you leave the blurb above?

Anonymous said...

you are so funny and fun, m! i love this blog even MORE than your other one. as for buying toys without the pvc...does this mean i can't buy them at goodwill even? just curious if it's the content that is bad for you (like parabens, etc.) or the fact that you are contributing to pvc being manufactured? please clarify for my befuddled brain.

i am planning on purchasing some cellulose baggies for lunches this year (when my plastics run out). i also have thought about using wax paper. however, i do re-use ALL my ziplocs if they are still intact (no holes) by washing them. i have done this for years and years!

i also do not buy much if it's pre-packaged...i made some hamburger helper (which i used to hate as a child) and realized it was like fancy mac&cheese...why couldn't i make it with my own noodles, cheese, meat? no reason. sheer stupidity on the part of the american people to buy into it!

~ kirsten