Friday, October 3, 2008

Wasteland that is my Grocery Store

So shopping at the grocery store is just no fun anymore. I used to be one those people who just LIVED for the "new" items at the grocery store. Especially for those things that "made life easier" or "made dinner faster." I was a sucker for those things because I was literally raised on it. Boxed this and pre-made and pre-packaged that. It was how I thought dinner was made sometimes.

Now that I "pre-cycle" when I'm shopping I haven't bought hardly anything that is "ready made" in a very long time. I've found that much of that stuff that is in a box has SO much trash and it only makes maybe 4 servings anyway.
So shopping at the grocery store isn't as fun anymore because I spend more time seeking out things with little packaging and that is more natural. Finding things with little additives is a challenge! Especially finding things that are NOT made with Corn Syrup! DANG that's a tough one especially if you want something sweet!!

I'm finding now that I'm straying away from name brands or anything with a name these days. I'm pouring thru my cooking magazines a lot more and actually putting thought behind what I eat. Which clearly is a good thing because I'll live longer and be thinner--always a plus for a girl.
Honestly, I feel a little smug when I push my cart thru the aisles with things like apples, bananas, mushrooms, onions, celery, frozen veggies, milk, yogurt, flour--you know, things that are not only good for you, but ones that you might have to WORK with to make dinner. Which is a good thing and almost a difficult thing too. I haven't had mac n' cheese for I don't know how long. Not because its in a box (because that box can be recycled!) but because its just no the best thing for my body. But TRUST ME, I miss it and I used to add extra cheese....sigh.....

Anyway, knowing that I can grow my own foods and herbs is extremely liberating and domesticated. I really get a kick out it now. Before I was a little nervous about eating what I grew, but now I can't wait for Spring to come to plant new items and see how successful I'm this year! Of course now that winter is upon us I know I'll have to buy much of my food from the store as I live in such a wet environment its difficult to keep growing food and clearly it will get too cold! My herbs might pull thru though.

When I open my fridge now its full of just things in containers I've made. Such a change. It used to be as full as possible with ready to eat, ready to take out of the package and consume, etc etc. Its kinda neat really. I won't even eat ice cream anymore unless I made it because its SO easy to make I can't bring myself to spend over $3 for it anymore. Knowing it probably doesn't even cost me $1 to make my own depending on what extras I throw in.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep things growing this year though....our greenhouse is nearly complete. I'm hoping to get a jump on seedlings late this winter so I don't have to buy any starts in the spring. Of course that is pretty ambitious and uncharted waters for us, but hey, so was growing my own food. I might as well try since I have a yard and I really want to just to be less dependant on my grocery store. I am literally blown away at how much money I'm saving too by avoiding all that junk and preparing our own. Its Fun!

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