Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So I use a hanky to wipe my nose. I'll admit it. I use one. A lot of the reason why I use one is because I have hay fever in the spring that gets pretty bad and a tissue doesn't help my allergies.

I have read so much about how gross people think using a hanky is. I personally do not see how its totally gross at all. Its not like I'm wiping it on my sleeves or picking my nose---those things are gross.

The biggest thing I think that grosses people out is that you reuse them over and over before you wash them. Now lets be real here, you can't say you have never used a tissue more then once?? Ok maybe its just me then.

Hankies are well, handy.
I keep one in my purse, my desk at work and in my bedside table in my room. I keep them handy as much as possible. They come in VERY handy when I have a sudden urge to cry or I actually DO cry. Wiping my tears with a hanky is not gross right?

This was an easy switch for me when I pushed the "less paper products" thing around our house. I hated buying tissues and I didn't like how much lint they seemed to carry. Clearly the biggest reason for my switch was because most tissue products are made from virgin trees like many paper products.

If you just can't do the hanky thing because it just grosses you out consider using recycled tissue. See now I can't even say THAT with a straight face because it sounds gross. :) Either way, maybe consider using a hanky just for those tear jerker movies! Trust me--you'll like it!

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Rachel Ann said...

My favorite gift to give my Granpa is hankies!! He has used them for as long as I can remember...keeps them in his pocket.