Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rant about Air

So you know how they say you'll save on gas by having fully inflated tires on your car?

I don't konw about your neighborhood gas stations, but the ones around here charge about 75cents for Air. We charge people for air that could save them Money and get better gas milage????

Let me say it again--we charge people for AIR! AIR! Last time I looked it was a free.

The other thing that irks me about it is those air things are at GAS stations. Come on! See the connection???? Ugh.

Just wanted to complain about that. It bothers me I can't pump up my tires and I got to pay for it if I DO need too.

I'm back online btw. I had to get my computer fixed and patched up, but I'm back and blogging again!!

1 comment:

Rachel Ann said...

For one, I'm glad you are back online!

Two, I'm glad you are like me and find things to complain out...well, not really complain more like point out the obvious! Is that wrong of us?