Sunday, October 26, 2008

Homemade Costumes--For Dogs

Part of being Green is being creative and resourceful! I recently made our 3 dogs halloween costumes for a party today. It was for the rescue we volunteer with and it was super cute seeing all the pug's dressed up.

We wanted to go with a theme for our 3 pugs. So after much consideration we went with The Lion, The Witch & the Waredrobe.
We made all 3 customes after much tears, arguing and fussing. (ok no tears, but there was some blood from that needle on my sewing machine!). Considering how much of a beginner I am on a sewing machine, I think they turned out pretty cute!!
Here are my results:

This is my baby Maggie. She obviously the White Witch. See her pretty crown?? Made from those icicle decorations they put out at C-mas. I know I know I bought something new, but everything else was used. Including the fabric from the Goodwill. And yes, she didn't like the crown and wasn't too happy about being dressed up, but she looked so pretty. I made her little white cape and it was beyond cute!!! If only I could have gotten her to HOLD STILL to take the picture!!

Here is my Lion Gus. Sorry about the poor picture. My flash is picky. His mane was from Freecycle and I just attached some fleece to the back of it (salvaged piece again!) and pinned a tail to the back. The tail was made from the fleece and some of the mane. It was adorable. Again, bad picture, but you get the idea!

And of course, here is my Wardrobe. My Old Man Spike. Yes, its a box I cut out for him to fit into and we found a pic online of a waredrobe and just printed it out and pasted it on. It was cute, really it was. Caused a lot of stares and giggles at the Pug party.

Although we didn't win the costume contest ( I think we should have because really a Spider won...a spider is so original you know!) it was a fun project and helped fill up some of our time we normally would have been watching tv. Well, with the cable gone, finding things to do has been easy to get lost in doing! All in all I think we maybe spent about $7 total for the extras like glitter, elastic and the icicles.

I loved it and can't wait to win next year....just have to come up with something in 3's again.


Rachel Ann said...

Holy Cow....that is hilarious!!!

How bout next year we go with one of them as a hot dog and the other two as bottles of mustard and ketchup.

or...Wizard of Oz??? of fries...hamburger and coke from McD's. of color crayons? Your whole family can dress up! One can be the box and the rest of you the colored crayons. bout a trio of superheroes? Superman, Ironman (although I don't consider him a real superhero!), batman, or Wonder Woman for Maggie!

or...ok, ok....I'll stop!!!

Anonymous said...

i vote for three blind mice! they can have glasses and canes...

i LOVE your ideas, you are very creative! i thought it was a hysterically funny and fun AND very sharp idea. you are a winner for me!

- kirsten