Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Yard o' Poo

Yes my yard is sometimes full of poo because of all the DOGS I have pooing, but this time its something different.

So to recycle our glass we have to drop it at one of those bins down in Sumner, WA. The first time we went we saw this little stand with black looking sand and it was called BONNEY GOOD SUMNER GROW. It just looked like dirt/sand but black and its supposed to be FULL of plant goodness. Here is the description they give: "A humus that is an alternative to chemicals to restore soil health and provide much needed slow release (non-burning) nitrogen to lawns,
shrubs, trees and gardens."
And the best part is its FREE.

So we decided we'd load up the truck and get a few shovel fulls. Last Saturday we started shoveling and low and behold it STUNK. I mean it smells like POO.
Of course it smells like Poo though---its the "leftovers" from the Wastewater treatment plant (which I'm pretty sure wastewater is code for sewer) But its supposed to work wonders and miracles, so poo smell or not my yard needs it.

James laid it on our grass and we still have some left and we have decided it'll keep the solicitors away because our yard now smells like a sewage line burst. Ok its not THAT bad, but you catch my drift. (hehehehe...drift)

Anyway, I'll let you all know if it works the miracles everyone says it'll do because if it does work wonders I'll be down there often to get my free Poo.

For more info on the BONNEY GOOD SUMNER GROW click HERE.

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