Monday, November 3, 2008

Give the Gift that KEEPS on GIVING!

Ok so I'm really into this and maybe its just me, but sometimes these things blow my mind at how inexpensive they are compared to what we spend on other things during the holidays.

I know that giving a gift in the name of someone might seem a bit cheesey, but I would be HONORED to get a gift like this. (HINT HINT readers!!)

So we all know that "if you give a man a fish, he eats it. But if you teach a man how to fish, he will keep on fishing" or somethign to that effect!!!
Over here in WA we are really into World Vision because they are one of the many local charities that work all over the world. Every year they send out a gift catalog where you can buy animals, school supplies, a well, water, clothes, fishing supplies, a pond even and the list goes on. I personally think we are going to be giving even Noah some gifts in his name through them.

How about a gift that does JUST that! Keeps on giving and giving!
Like consider this: You can buy 5 Ducks for only $30. Ducks provide eggs and will have off springs they could sell to make money off of. (No the gift reciever usually doesn't eat the ducks)

For $30 you could easily buy one video game, but ducks goes a lot farther.

Or how about providing $250 worth of food for Africa for only $50? I think many of us spend more then $50 just in ONE grocery trip.

Maybe give 2 chickens? For only $25 those chickens can provide a lot of eggs!

Maybe giving to someone overseas isn't where your heart is, how about something stateside? You could give only $25 and provide $350 worth of necessities including diapers, brand new clothes, blankets, household and personal care items, and toys. No matter how good I shop, I can never make $25 stretch into $350!!! This is something that many of us could never do because well, we are not a major organization.

Whatever your heart yearns to do for people, you'll find it in here. Consider checking it out online or request your own catalog--and DO let me know if you decide to "buy" something from this or other organizations like it. World Vision will also depending on how much you give, give you something as well.

For parts of the gift catalog click HERE.

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Rachel Ann said...

I am filling my Christmas shoeboxes this year for little boys and girls!

I was going to do one and then I thought I could do for a boy and one for a girl!