Thursday, November 27, 2008

Green Thanksgiving?

Not really.
My turkey isn't organic, free range or local for that matter. Its the cost that I just couldn't stomach this year.

However I did make nearly everything else from scratch! I made the rolls, the stuffing (yes I even dried the bread out, but I didn't make the bread. ran out of time) the potatoes I used real ones instead of my usual ones out of a box and everything else I already had. So thankfully I didn't buy a whole lot this year for my own turkey dinner.

Aside from all the stuff I got for my families which I know I know wasn't very green, but I feel like I made today special for them.
Now while Mr. Turkey cooks I'm thinking about all the ways I'm going to make this dinner last.
For one i'll be boiling the turkey remains (sounds ick when I say "remains") to make homemade broth and some extra broth for my dogs.
Then I'll have a ton of broth to use for future dinners. Yum.
Thats part of being green to me is finding ways to make everything last.
Either way I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving and if you DO go shopping tomorrow spend your money on things people need or better yet, why not buy for others who have no TV's or winter coats. Everyone can use a coat when in need!!

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