Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Consumers Gone Wild

Ok so black Friday is officially over.
Thank goodness.
After all, it was a pretty sad Black Friday considering that people died.

People were killed. The Wal*Mart employee was trampled. For what? WHAT could be SO important those in Long Island had to tear the doors down and trample the guy?????? It makes me officially sick.
Other people died too. These 2 guys killed each other and ran around a Toys R Us shooting. Nice. Of course I guess that one we can look past because it might have been gang related. BUT STILL!!!

People...I hope these 2 stories make you really think about your stuff and if its truly worth buying. I couldn't believe it when I read about the Wal*Mart employee and how people tore the doors down. I mean, who are we? And what do we represent as a country? I certainly hope we value life more then this, but clearly we don't. We literally will walk over people to get to stuff.
I even read in another story that customers were complaining they had to leave that Wal*Mart so they could tend to the man.
Complaining? Really?
Someone is DEAD!!!

Oh dang is makes me so upset. This whole story only makes me feel less like shopping and more like just staying home and not buying THINGS. Clearly our needs as Americans to buy more and amass more is valued more then lives.
I just pray that the family of this man gets the justice he deserves.

I'm done now. Sorry for my angry rant here.
I could have written about it nearly 4 days ago, but I would have said things that wouldn't have been very nice.


Spiritbear said...

Nice blog. I was checking out local blogs since I am in the process of moving to Puyallup from Oregon.

Erika said...

These stories really made me sick. Sometimes I am in disbelief over how humans act.