Saturday, November 1, 2008

Only 54 More Days Until Christmas

So you have all heard me blog about the What Would Jesus Buy documentary, but since we are upon another fast approaching Christmas I just had to repeat it.
If you havent' watched What Would Jesus Buy I highly recommend it. Yes, much of the "act" they put on is a little offensive to Christians, but once you get beyond that and listen to what he has to say its extremely important information.

For me, I think Consumerism is one of the biggest issues for why our Earth is hurting so much. If we weren't constantly consuming we wouldn't need to be producing things and then ultimately throwing things away. Its a vicious cycle and for me, its the root of many of our problems we are facing today.

I also think that a lot of my issues with consumerism is because I worked in Retail for nearly 10 yrs. That alone will wear you down. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever experienced a real Christmas because I was working SO much. I can remember the year before I finally said enough on retail I was working over 50 hours in one week--over a matter of days--before Christmas a few years ago. The money from that paycheck was NOT worth it in the end and it made me sad to think I couldn't even DO christmas type things like see a concert or go look at lights because I was slaving away selling stuff.

It is only about 4 weeks until Black Friday too. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and it is dubbed Black Friday because its when many stores go into the "black" for their sales. AKA: they finally make money instead of being in the red. You want to be in the black.

I used to loathe the day after thanksgiving. People were just straight up mean--and for what? Some THING. I can still remember a lady telling me I ruined a little kids Christmas because I put back the Christopher Robin stuffed toy when she didn't have the $$ to pay for it. She came back into the store with the money and got right up in my face. I mean it was a STUFFED TOY!!!!
Why are we killing ourselves to get things?
Why do we wait in line for HOURS to buy the next greatest, latest thing??
Why do we get up at 3am to get in line at a store that opens at 5am??
Does this seems crazy to anyone or is it just me?

This year we are not doing that. Last year we didn't and it felt weird not doing it. I will admit that before I became more and more educated about consumerism and eco-friendly thinking I was one of the many who lined up to go buy some 'thing' that I just had to save $$ on by buying it the day after Thanksgiving. But no more. Its silly and why people get all vicious about it I wish them well and hope they become more aware of why they are doing it.

So anyway. Over the next weeks or so I'm probably going to preach preach preach the issues of consumerism and hope that you consider your buying this Christmas. But most importantly, lets make this Christmas be what it was intended for---to celebrate Christ's Birth.


Brianna said...

I actually love shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but only because I go with a friend every year and we just go and have fun. There are parts of it I don't like, like the mean people, but there is something fun about getting up before the sun and shopping when we aren't supposed to really be shopping.
I have actually done almost all my holiday shopping with Global Daughter this year. It was easy, cost effective, and I will be avoiding the mall for gifts for family and friends. Plus, supporting fair trade and women is always a bonus!

Marcie said...

Good Plug Bri!

Here's the link everyone!! Go shopping & better yet it will be from the comfort of your home!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the consumerism info! I like to have this all re-presented to me over and over because it reminds me over and over. This is necessary in American society.

John has a family Christmas photo with he and his brothers...and about three presents under the tree. This would have been in the 1970s.

By contrast, I have photos of our past recent Christmases where the tree was practically buried in gifts. I know we have more than three kids, but...TOO MUCH! I even remember one year when their eyes sorta glazed over and they stopped enjoying the opening.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I have already cut back and will be doing more this year just because of our holiday travel. We'll see how that goes!

I remember the year after we had baby #2 and we were dirt poor. I wanted this sweatshirt pretty badly. It showed up for me on Christmas morning as my only present. Cost $50, which was way more than we could afford. I was SO excited. I will always remember that ONE item more than a pile of gifts! Think of thoughtful gift versus ten so-so gifts. Which will you remember?

I'm going back to simple stockings too. A few tangerines, some nuts, and a candy cane, maybe a gold dollar! I can just see them digging for the gold now!

Heck, I think I might just give my kids a pile of the catalogs that come in the mail...THAT is true fun, right there! The wishing and hoping and anticipation.

~ Kirsten