Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Here is the run down on the gifts I either gave or recieved this year for Christmas.
This picture is what noah got for me. All handmade gifts!
Love it!

This is my new big gift sack. Instead of those bags we gifts in, I found some cloth sacks that I'm going to use over and over and over again!
Yes, they were new (sigh) but I consider them an investment.

These are my new reusable bags that are to be used for produce. They are cloth produce sacks.
I'm pretty sure any of the grocery stores I go too are nto going to like we are using them, but poo on them.
I think next time I'll get the mesh ones so the cashier can at least see thru them!

Here is James's gift to me--the pans. They are eco-friendly pans are PTFE-FREE. Although I have mixed feelings about the pans because the reviews are not so great, I'll give it a shoot. They were made in teh USA afterall!
The white cup is James's present from me. Its called, "I'm Not a Paper Cup" and its made to look like a disposable paper cup with lid and all. Yes, the lid is made out of pastic, but the cup part is ceramic. Its a novel idea and he's been using it since he opened it.

All in all it was a good Christmas. My parents didn't go too crazy this year which is good. Most of what they got Noah were movies. Movies I can deal with. I didn't get any little figurines or anything like that. I have plenty of those.
Now we are going thru our stuff and purging the house again!
more on that later.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and Here's to a green 2009!

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