Sunday, December 7, 2008

Night without Lights

So since its Christmas time and we all love the pretty lights on our tree and around the house, I thought why not limit what lights we use IN the house too.
So we are going Amish/Pioneer one night a week now. (well maybe not ALL night)

We are going to not use any lights in the house and use candlelight instead. I would use oil lamps, but I currently have none so candles it is. Besides I can't even think of how many candles I have just laying around the house never being used. Sure they are not soy candles with cotton wicks, but once I use these up I do intend to use the more eco-friendly ones!
I thought it would be pretty to have some time doing everything at candlelight. Maybe play some board games (that doesn't involve a lot of reading or fine print) or talk. Could be romantic too!
TRY it! You might like it AND save a lot of electricity in the process.


Rachel Ann said...

That answers my question about your FB status! Good idea!

I lit up all my pretty candles on my dining table one night last week and was wondering why I don't do it more often. I think I get afraid of "ruining" my decorations...stupid really!

The Young Family said...

Love the idea!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea, too! It makes me think of how it would impress my kids as well...we read Laura Ingalls and they find it fascinating, but they still can't grasp that there were NO modern conveniences! Like no grocery stores if you ran out of food. (They are still boggled over that one.) Maybe candlelight will bring home to them the value of electricity!

~ K.