Friday, December 12, 2008

What will be under our Tree...

Well, honestly nothing really will be under our tree, but I wanted to let you see what I bought my family so far for Christmas. (Minus what I got J because he might read my blog this ONE time and see the gifts)

Noah is getting

  1. A Child from Zimbabwae that we are sponsoring thru World Vision. He's about 8 yrs old and loves to play. Noah actually ASKED for this gift.
  2. Noah is also getting a Plush Goat from World Vision for donating only $25 to the Maximum Impact Fund which WV uses when the need arises. (i.e. natural disasters)
  3. Some used NES Games and the Gun for Duck Hunt.
  4. A small guitar ornament and a tuner for his guitar.
  5. I adopted him a Sea Otter from WWF. You can adopt 90 different animals on WWF.
  6. And we are adopting our Foster Dog Leah for him. Which is his "big" present.

And thats about it. Obviously he'll get some small things like candy which he gets every year, but really he's not getting a lot of physical presents.

See you can get someone A LOT of things for Christmas and make a difference in someones life! Most of Noah's gifts this year are really giving to someone else--like the Child Sponsorship and the Maximum Impact Donation. And of course the Sea Otter is going to be happy too; ok its just a donation TO Sea Otters in general, but you get the idea. I can't WAIT to see Noah's reactions to some of his things this year. Its going to be different, but special all at once. I'll be sure to take pictures of his reaction!

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