Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Cable Check Up

So we're going on quite a few months now of life without Cable and somehow I'm getting thru. I came to discover that 2 of my fave shows on TV are available online! Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Amazing Race are all available for me to view minus the long commercials! Does it get ANY better then that??
So I felt a little better about my TV decision.
Now that winter is upon us there was the thought of how will I ever know the school closures?? Well, duh, radio & computer. Which is technically a little faster and I don't have to watch the news at the same time! Total Plus.

I will admit that some nights (specifically if I have no book to read) I do wish I had the TV to just zone out, but I think that would just defeat the purpose of my whole little experiment.

I wonder now what would happen if I turned the TV back on? How would I decide and darn it all, I'd probably have to pay to have it installed AGAIN. Something tells me though that they'll be begging to have me back....especially in this economy!

Just wanted to share with you all that my saving grace has been my computer. thank you Jesus for my computer! He does provide ALL my needs! :)

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