Sunday, February 1, 2009

Birthcontrol has a lot of waste!

My birthcontrol pills have A LOT of waste when it comes to the packaging.
Now I realize that they are very convienent when they come in their little pack telling you what day you are on and so on, but bear with me here.
Ok so first my little package of pills goes into that pharmacy bag followed by the instructions on how to use them. (I suspect that once I've used these for over 5 yrs---I'll STILL get the instructions). Then once I get it out of the little bag the pills themselves are wrapped up tight like a package of candy.
But this candy has one of those "DO not eat" sorbent packages that I'm sure to preserve the "freshness" of my pills, but if you can't eat it why is it in with something i ingest anyway????
Once I get it opened its got a fancy little blue plastic pouch I can keep the pills in even though I have the same one from last month. Then there is a little instruction booklet I'm sure is in there in case I wondered what the manufacturerer has to say about it (which is also in the instructions that I already got passed). But on the back of the instructions is glued some stickers I can peel off and choose what day I'm starting my pack. Lets not forget the little blister pack every pill is wrapped in for a full months dose.
I dont' take the pill for birth control purposes so I don't take those little dummy/sugar pills you are supposed to take as a lady during your cycle. I throw them away. I don't know what other use I could have for them. They aren't exactly candy, but I suppose I could use them as a way to help me cope with stress by telling myself they are some sort of Paxil or something. I doubt it'll work but I could be dumb enough to fall for its placibo effects.
So all of that is to say my birth control is a mess of trash. Naturally I don't know what to do not only with the dummy pills but also the little plastic packaging. I suppose I could write the company, but alas in all that info I'm bombarded with there is no address for questions or comments. I suppose drug companies are not that into being contacted. I would guess we should be going to our DR for that one or be part of a drug study.
I'll let you know if I have any luck with contacting them. I suppose if I needed to use some sort of birth control I should use a more natural method like fertility awareness. But if I didn't have endometriosis I wouldnt' have this problem. I'm taking the pills to avoid surgery in the long run.

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Rachel Ann said...

oh holy crap!

You! Are Funny!!!

I went and picked up my birth control (obviously not using it for it's intended purposes since I would actually have to be seeing action..but I'm...and I digress!) last week and asked the pharmacist if I really had to have the paper bag....I told her I already had enough garbage...she of course just looked at me funnY!