Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cleaning out the House

Today we just decided to have a Free yard sale instead of a real yard sale. For one, its too cold and too soon for yard sale shoppers to be on the lookout for this stuff and I wanted it GONE and I hate doing yard sales personally. Like to shop at them, don't like to put them on.

So I'm just going thru the house getting rid of everything that I see no use for or I have to remember why I have the stuff in the first place.

While we have gotten rid of A LOT of our stuff I am still amazed at what I still find around the house that I have no use for. Its incredible!

I was telling Hubby that if we had to move tomorrow I probably wouldn't take half of the stuff with us. Its just such a pain. I actually miss having little things and that just starting out life we once had. Now its like I'm overwhelmed with the clutter and the things we have in our house! Its crazy!

I don't quite know when we amasted so many items to our names....when did it happen? I can say that we are changing and as each day goes by we suddenly can see that we don't need these things anymore.

One day we think we need it and then the next day we don't.

I can say how its such a relief to have all the clutter be gone. I can open drawers or closets and not cringe when I see all the stuff in there. Its such a relief to see nothing or to be able to see stuff in the back of a closet or drawer.

Sure getting rid of stuff isn't easy, but mostly all in all its good. And who doesn't like FREE stuff?
Thanks to Craigslist and Freecycle for helping me unload a bunch of stuff! Now go spring clean early and get rid of your stuff!! Less is more!

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