Saturday, February 14, 2009

Preserve: Nothing Wasted, Everything Gained

We all know that recycling plastics has become a way of life, but
did you know that many plastics cannot be recycled in your area?

For example where I live, even if the plastic is labeled as #1 or #2 (the most widely recycled plastic) our recycling cart doesn't accept all of then if its a wide mouth product. We can only recycle plastics with an opening or neck smaller then the base. Which is hard because a lot of plastics are not like that.

However, I learned from Beth at Fake Plastic Fish that a new campaign is underway to recycle those hard to recycle items made from plastic---specifically the #5 plastics. Its from Preserve and has been dubbed the Gimme5 campaign to collect the #5 plastics. Most cities or areas may not allow you to recycle specific #'s when it comes to your plastics, especially the #5 ones, but this is where Preserve has stepped up to let you send them your #5's.

While they can't offer free shipping to us right now, its important that we participate as programs like this can get ignored and shut down unless the word is spread. I for one WILL be recycling my #5 plastics by mailing them in because I currently do not have anywhere to recycle them.

What are #5 plastics usually used for? Well #5 is commonly used to contain yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, hummus and the list goes on and on. But I think you get the idea. The Gimme5 people will also collect your old Brita Water Pitchers as well. This is all very very exciting!!

Also don't forget you can now recycle your Brita Water Filters!!! Check that out here.

Preserve will take your plastic #5 containers and make them into things like toothbrushes, kitchen items and other plastic items. They have some very cool things available for purchase on their site. Check it out!

While I would love to say I avoid things in plastic containers, sometimes I cannot. I'll admit I enjoy things like cottage cheese, yogurts and sour cream and haven't quite mastered making my own so this will help my guilty conscience!

Check out the Gimme5 site for more information and start collecting your #5 plastics today!

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The Young Family said...

I learn much from your site....

Wanted to update you on the whole city of Renton new recycling bit....

Going very well... only 1 can of trash every two weeks.... so far that is all we have had. I must admit our recycling has increased even more - before the big bin of recycling was almost full after two weeks and now it is can't barely get the lid closed full. So that is a great thing. Recycling the food differently is kind of a pain, but I am getting used to it!