Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food Waste Reduction Challenge

Food Waste Reduction Challenge - February 2009
I thought I would touch base really quick about how our no waste challenge has been going here at our house!
Now if you remember Crunchy Chicken put this challenge out there to see if we could reduce what food we DO throw out--even if it goes in the compost bin.
After looking thru my compost bin and finally paying attention to what I'm throwing out, I've come to realize I've been pretty lazy lately. I threw away a lot of salad the other day because it got rotten and I didn't eat it in a timely fashion.
Have to pay better attention to my produce and how quick I go thru it. Produce seems to be my downfall.

So lately its been sheer lazy, but I think produce will be eaten quite a bit more now that I'm going on a more veggie & fish diet. Its part of my wanting to lose weight as well as getting further and further away from meat. I actually ate some bacon last night unknowingly and I felt disgusted. You can't always know what is in foods, but do you what you can right? I just stopped eating it and moved on. Yes, I did waste some of that food....
So watch what you eat and when you eat it!
More later!

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