Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TV Crisis

I'm sorry.
But I do not sympathise with those out there that are complaining about their TVs not being able to view cable anymore due to the switch from analog to digital. I'm sorry but I just don't.

As someone who studied radio briefly my teacher talked about it WAY back when (we thought he was crazy) so its not like this came as a surprise. Not to mention all the radio and TV ads we saw or heard daily. The government also gave out vouchers to buy that box so your TV could accept the switch but that wasn't good enough. I heard on the radio today and "poor people would be effected the most by this change." Ummm poor people? Poor people who can apparently afford cable, but not the box to change things over? This is where I don't feel sorry for those who claim this switch will effect them heavily.

Have people not heard of radio or newspapers?

You can get your news from that too just in case someone was wondering. And well, radio is still Free and readily available to the masses.
Again, I have little pity for those so put out by this. I understand its not very easy to switch your TV over to digital, but consider your options before everyone goes into a tizzy over it. Oh and congress you don't have to put this off or extend this change. Once you change it, they'll change TV. Clearly American's cannot live without their TV.

Or (I'm going to sound crazy here) why not just go without TV?! Crazy I know. But in all honesty it has been so good for me and my family that I can't believe I didn't try this years ago. I get my news online or on the radio and I'm not effected by this change. Its been nice having no cable TV telling me I'm not pretty enough, thin enough, successful enough, smart enough or I don't have enough stuff. I can finally just be ME and live without TV clogging up my thoughts. Not to mention having cable tell my son he needs this, that and something else that is crap.
That is all I have to say about that.
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