Saturday, February 7, 2009

Laundry Tracking

I'm tracking how often I use my washer and dryer this month to see how much I truly use both of them and how often I line dry the clothes vs. using the dryer.

I tried to do it last month, but I wasn't tracking how many times I did a load in the washer so it wouldn't have shown me much by just tracking how often I line dryed.

I can say however that I do think I'm using my washer a bit more then I had ever thought. I dont' think I need to be washing clothes every other day and sometimes everyday during the week. More then likely I just need to wear more of all the clothes I have and stop rotating what I prefer to wear.

Maybe that would be a good challange? The Clothes Challenge perhaps? Where you can't repeat wearing the same outfit until you get thru everything in your closet? I think I'll do that next month instead. For now, I'll stick with making sure I remember to track how many loads I do during the month. I'm just marking off the days on a calendar and being able to see how often I use it has been eye opening. Tracking things usually does open our eyes though...

Care to join me?

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