Monday, March 23, 2009

Living Simply Part II

One of the things I've really learned about slowing my life down and finding more time to just do nothing is also remembering to breathe.

I know that sounds so silly and so "zen" or something, but its not.

This weekend we decided on whim to hit Seaside, OR and jsut go down and relax. We had come up upon a lot of stress on the past couple days before Friday and felt like we all could use a little bit of time to just sit and do nothing but enjoy sitting. Taking that time to get away for the weekend on whim was worth it. It reminded me that its cool to just chill and breathe.

We barely looked in any stores while we were there and on Saturday we spent the majority of the time on the beach. While I did have to fend of a possible anxiety attack traveling in a small car with 4 dogs on a dark road, it was worth the stress! ;)

Sometimes just getting away or even staying at home and taking the time to just sit and breathe helps you slow down. I'm not a meditative type person, but I do know God wants us to just stop and relax. He doesn't want us to be so busy we can't stop, look around and breathe. Sure life gets hectic and crazy and a lot of the time its out of our control, but take this moment to stop and breathe. You won't regret it!

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