Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Been Awhile...But here's them Chickens!

Sorry I haven't written in so long. We've had a lot of nice weather lately and sitting down to write a post when I could be outside enjoying one of the 18 days of sun we get here in WA isn't tops on my list.

So to make up for my lack of blogging I know everyone likes to see pictures so I thought I would post as many as I could!

So here are some pictures of my chickens. We have 6, 3 Rhode Island Reds and 3 some sort of black speckled ones that I honestly cannot remember the breed. I know the Reds are good layers, but I'm not sure about the spotted ones. The black spotted ones are really cute though and much more friendly then the Reds.
Here they are as babies:
Here they are at about a month old:

And here they are as of today, going on nearly 2 months:

We only have a couple names for them. The one pictured here above is Red because she's the biggest and we are hoping she's not a He -- aka: Rooster. Then there is Gimpy. Gimpy has crooked toes so you can't miss her. the others are sort of nameless right now. They are kind of hard to tell apart still. They love to be outside and I feel bad for keeping them in their temporary coop right now. We'll have a work party soon to remove the former "tree-less house" into the coop. Just recycling and reusing. Thats how we roll.

One thing we do want to do with the coop is put a metal roof on it so we can set up another rain barrel to capture their water. Our current rain barrel is great, but we use it a lot for watering the garden and landscape.

Hopefully I'll have pictures soon of the chickens cook and how big they are continuing to get. They grow up SO fast. We're hoping that we'll have eggs by this summer if all goes as planned, maybe fall though. I have heard conflicting things about when they lay anywhere from 5months to one year. I'm hoping for around 5 months or at least before the holidays so I have plenty of eggs for baking!


Brianna said...

Cute! I was just thinking about your chickens and wondering why you hadn't posted any pics!

Rachel Ann said...

I thought they were actually pretty cute! If I lived in a house I'd consider chickens!