Monday, April 13, 2009

My Work Out

So I've been doing this Biggest Loser kick at work where we can win money if we lose the highest percentage of weight. We are all on teams, but I'll admit I haven't been doing much to help out my team. It doesnt' help that I'm about 5 ft tall and already weigh what everyone wants to weigh--but for someone like me I can stand to lose at least 10lbs total.

Here have been some of my not so green workouts and my green ones!

the first time I really started working out and going to a workout class was about a month ago. Now I only do it 1x a week, but I literally gasp when I think about how much electricity its probably costing my work for it.
What have I been doing? Well, Hot Yoga. And when I say Hot I don't mean Sexy I mean HOT like we heat up the room to nearly over 100 degrees if possible.
So how do we heat up the room? Obviously a no brainer here, but we (meaning my co-workers) heat up a small conference room (which has huge windows that i'm sure doesn't help keep the heat in) with small space heaters. Oh but she does have one large heater which is a commercial heater that uses a propane tank so that doesn't use electricity, but I do worry about my health! ;) So she sets up those heaters approx 5 of them and one humidifier and we just heat the room until its nice and toasty.
The whole idea is to make you sweat and the sweat is supposed to bring out the impurities and then we do yoga in a hot box essentially.
Yes, I don't like the heating overload and we use the heaters so much that we trip the breakers and the little heaters stop working because its a safety feature on those babies.
The yoga part has been good and honestly having a hot room does make it easier to "warm up" but I do feel a little guilty.
I just had to confess that I'm participating in this.

Now I am going to be using my Roku player which plays my Netflix videos on my TV (best green toy EVER) and use those fancy exercise videos. I'm hoping for the best. Hardest part is motivation. I will let you know how this works. At the very least I am at least not traveling to a gym and I'll be in the comfort of my own home where I can sweat my little heart out knowing no one is watching me.

So where am I getting my motivation?
I decided to use another "free" green type option: Facebook. I'm reaching out to my FB family and hoping they'll keep me accountable and make sure i'm sticking to my exercise program.

Hopefully I will be motivated and stick with my program.

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Rachel Ann said...

You are doing so good....and I am doing so bad!

I was thinking about getting a WII Fit...hmmmm