Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden & Seedlings

This year we thought we would try our hand at growing some of our starts from seed.
We haven't ever done it before, but figured why not. I mean, seeds are much cheaper then starts, but are a lot more work we soon discovered.

My first mistake was letting our seeds get TOO wet after they sprouted. We had a little greenhouse type starter seed thingy ( I have no idea what its called ) and it has a lid. Well when it gets warm obviously it gets lots of condensation on the lid which rains down on the starts.
My lettuce starts got too wet and ended up molding. Bust on those. :( But I'll try again now that I know they germinate really really fast. If I had maybe Oh say read the back of the seed packet I would have known that.
I guess I'm sometimes surprised at how easy growing some stuff ended up being. Our peas & snap peas grew really fast and we planted them today. I hope they "take" and end up giving us some peas!

Here's my garden just like last year, but you can see we put a little fence around it. The fence is there because our dogs just go in there and trample our starts. Oh and look at my cool drying rack all set up in the front there. I love that thing.
Here are our starts we DID buy from the stores. This is my lettuce. Got lots this year and will probably have to unload them if they all take on friends and co-workers. I have WAY too much last year, but I eat a lot more salad now.

Here are my starts. Not pretty know, but I wanted to show at least what they looked like and how we started them out. Cross your fingers and maybe you'll see some pictures soon of our little seedlings taking off and doing what they are supposed to do!

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