Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walking Outside vs. My Treadmill

So I've been working out to the best of my ability which basically includes walking outside and doing the Hot Yoga thing as you all know.
But I have a treadmill and like most people its collecting dust. I stopped using it because I was "going green" and I figure it uses a lot of electricity to run.
Being out in the sunshine and the fresh air IS better then running or walking on my treadmill, but living here in the rainy state of Washington sometimes going out isn't an option.
I tried to google some stats on how much electricity a treadmill uses, but the statistics keep coming back kind of uncertain. I guess a lot of it depends on how fast its going, how often I use it, if I leave it plugged in when not in use, if I use the timers, and on and on and on.
Sometimes thinking of all the goes into electrical stuff is more then I want to think about!
For now, using the outside and going for a walk there is easier then dusting off my treadmill. Currently, my treadmill is in the garage surrounded by a ton of my husbands stuff like wood with slivers and dirty heavy tools. I would get a workout just getting the thing cleared around then when I was on it!
I have been debating on bring it in the house, but I don't know....I'm afraid it will turn into a giant coat rack or drying rack. Reality is it probably would. Maybe I should stick with Yoga so I don't have to think about electricity and space and dirty treadmills. ;)

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