Thursday, May 21, 2009

Exposing my Green-ness

So its easy to sit here on my blog and talk about how I live a green lifestyle, but having people come over to my house & actually SEE how I live is another story. For some reason I didn't' feel all that green when they left last night.

Sure I got my garden (which is looking lovely by the way), my clothesline, my compost bin and well that's about it when you look at it from the outside in.

I guess I don't know what other ways you could really come off as some sort of "I'm changing the World" type person in your home since a lot of all we do isn't external all the time.

They did notice my cloth napkins and I felt good about that one. I haven't bought napkins (paper ones) in so long that I don't even think I have any in my house anymore. But those all seem so small in the grand spectrum.

Obviously they didn't notice the low-VOC toxin paint in my bathroom or the cleaning products I use. They noticed I didn't' have cable, but I brought it up.

So now I'm starting to wonder what else can I do?
What else can I do to make it more obvious that I choose to live this way to protect all God has created for us?
I'm still thinking I wouldn't mind having that wind turbine or a living roof on my shed, but those things take a lot of time and cost too.

But my brain is a turning. Any suggestions I'm open. Aside from Dreads of course.....although my hair is really long right now so it is possible!;)

PS. My Roku player with Netflix just starting showing this show called Eco Trip that is very simple and fun when it comes to learning where things come from and how they are made. There is of course an environmental spin on all episodes on how those simple every day items effect our Environment. So far I've learned about T-shirts, Gold, Light bulbs & Chocolate. Go check it out! Eco-Trip is on the Sundance channel or you can catch it on your Netflix subscription.

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