Monday, May 25, 2009

New Garden & Chicken Pics

Here are my girls I call them. Yes and then there were only 3. Started with 6, but 2 were killed by my evil chicken killing Pug Maggie (yes even Pugs want to kill small animals too apparently). Then one was a Rooster. we gave Red the Rooster away to someone who can keep Roosters in their town. They are not allowed within the City Limits were we live. So now we have Scrappy, Little Red and one that is unnamed.
Here is my Raspberry bush and more tiny raspberries. The one that is the most bushy is getting on a couple years now. Takes while to build them up, but we hack ours back so it won't overwhelm our yard. Not that it would be bad thing since i love Rasberries.

My blueberry tree. Its trying. We just got it this year so it'll be awhile before it starts making blueberries, but gotta plant them while I can!
Ahhhhh .... my tomato plants. I have 4 total, 2 different kinds, Roma and Spitfire. Hoping to make more salsa and tomato sauce this year. Made quite a bit of tomato sauce/spaghetti sauce last year. There's a Basil plant there in teh picture as well, but it had an accident where it took a DIVE off my deck and basically smashed itself. I wasn't too happy about that.
And lastly here is my raised bed. Yes there is fencing around ti this year. The dogs are getting too curious and liked to jump in it and SMASH all my plants. that didn't make me happy. In the top left corner is my strawberries and some peas. Then 3 rows of lettcue (I like lettuce) and some broccoli. Broccoli we are trying thsi year for kicks. Not sure how it'll work, but what the heck. Same for garlic. We'll be trying garlic too.
Only frustrating thing this year is I seem to have caterpillars or something eating my lettuce. Ick. Gotta pay better attention to those things or else I'm going to have a bug infested garden rather then edible treats.
So its not the best pictures, but its just a brief look at how our garden is growing!
I'll be posting pictures soon of my new chicken coop when it arrives. It should (it better be!!) be here tomorrow.
CHEERS! Happy growing!

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Rachel Ann said...

WOW!! So much happening in the Davis backyard! Way to go with all the vegetables! I didn't know roosters weren't allowed within city limits.